About us

Founded by travel enthusiasts, Topi Afrika seeks to fulfill the travel dreams of fellow explorers by creating unique and meaningful travel experiences at each of our destinations.


At Topi Afrika Holidays, our vision is to create authentic, exclusive, unique experiences for adventurous travelers like you. 

Guests come to us in search of depth and contrast: meaningful interactions with people and the destination, well-appointed accommodations, unparalleled adventure, five-star cultural cuisine and inspiring wildlife encounters. For their part, the Topi guests became not only fans of the expedition but also conservators.

From hand-picked naturalist guides to the friendliest staff you’ll ever meet, our team is full of passion. Whether you’re exploring the Masai Mara, Amboseli and the Indian Ocean.

Our values


Experts with a Passion for Travel

Why Topi?

We don’t sell to tourists. We cater to the traveler. Travelers are very different. You are on a journey to find something much deeper. We go to great lengths to ensure that our guests are emotionally connected to the destination and all that it entails. This includes its people, history, culture, food and nature. This is more than just a physical journey. This is a journey of transformation.